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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Glamour and intrigue at Greencliff

ATOI and Anita Bolton unveil the Bideford Black synthetic diamond. Photo: Claire Gulliver
At times it felt like being an extra in a James Bond film. This week offered the first glimpses of a unique synthetic diamond made entirely from Bideford Black. Conceived by artist duo ATOI and created with the help of a specialist manufacturer, the diamond was delivered in person to Burton Art Gallery, Bideford as part of a surreal and surprising Wednesday.

Taking the Bideford Black synthetic diamond to Greencliff. Photo: ATOI
A day that began with excitement, anticipation and thank-you flowers for the manufacturer and sponsor of ATOI (whose company name will be revealed shortly), became bizarre and fantastic as the artists and diamond manufacturer decided to take the diamond to Greencliff on the North Devon coast, where the raw Bideford Black pigment is found.

High heels were swapped for borrowed walking boots as artists, diamond manufacturers and suited entourage formed an odd procession, snaking through the fields to Greencliff in a strange rite of pilgrimage and returning to source.

ATOI with the diamond at Greencliff. Photo: Claire Gulliver

ATOI's synthetic diamond made from Bideford Black will be one of the works on show as part of the Bideford Black: The Next Generation exhibition at Burton Art Gallery, Bideford, Devon. Produced by  Flow Contemporary Arts in association with Claire Gulliver.

Exhibition opens 3 October.

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