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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Luce Choules gives a talk at the Burton, one of the 8 new artist commissions for Bideford Black: Next Generation commissions

In October 2015 the Bideford Black Project opens at the Burton Art Gallery in Bideford. 8 new artist commissions and a brilliant film-maker will reveal their year long research, and it's going to be good.
One of the artists, Luce Choules, gave a talk at the museum last night, about another project of hers, Guide74.
Luce spends a lot of  time doing fieldwork and her presentation consisted of a series of photographic images accompanied by her reading her own writing, and that by others. All the photos, taken in Chamonix, drew the audience into the place, and allowed us to be there with her as she read. Not crossing the landscape, as Richard Long might do, but immersed in it. There. In contact with the place. Not capturing it, controlling it or using it to frame the artist.
Luce's performance was gentle, sensitive and most of all compelling. It was as if the landscape was sharing itself through  her images and choice  of texts. It was laid out for the audience to visually explore, from long shots of mountains, to micro imagery of lichens.
Luce is an intrepid traveller, she crosses glaciers, sleeps in huddles with others on icey precipices - not my idea of fun at all. But somehow, thinking  about the experience, I feel I was there, if only in empathy and imagination.
If you get a chance to see her performance, please do.
NOTE: this post was written by Carolyn Black of Flow Contemporary Arts and was first posted on her blog . Flow Contemporary Arts has been contracted to deliver the project in association with Claire Gulliver

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